Mobile Customer 360

Data Consistency / Design for Action

Project Overview: In relation to the establishment Mercedes-Benz "me" (end-to-end) customer care program, analytics is a promintent cross-reference focal point. The business analytics group required designs that reflect a mobile use scenario.

Problem/Challenge: The customer relations business analyst required ways to review client data in a small footprint. Each account contained variant data-points that required the combined challenge of understanding what customers — want, when they want it, and how they want it. Analyts have to filter individual customers interactions with Mercedes brand across multiple channels; however, much of the data is siloed, so combining it together was a formible task for mobile views.

Solution/Results: The creation of views that easily integrate data sources, into complete view provided a more sophisticated analyses, and the ability to extract insights for improved business performance.

An interative approach was employed. This meant a deeper interaction with the decision makers. Time was spent soliciting feedback from executives, “I think this is the problem we need to solve; to what extent does that match your view?”

Some the of design analytics came from intuitive discovery, where the identification of existing opportunities through observational practice. This provided help to redefine exisiting design belief and focus on exisiting products and services in the industry. In this particular case, it was more about what people say and what they actually do in an effort to predict what they do in business situations.

This was the strategy as things evolved. Finally, views were wireframed together as a plan to do specific design analyses on possibilities that were worth exploring; from user login, customer profile selection, content drill-down, and analytical views that satisfied solution criteria.

As the sketching progressed, the human centered approach to innovation focused on delivering predictable and successful design outcomes for Mercedes-Benz Financial Services brand. This was more of the case "how might we shift to an experience design model to create a better experience". These added visuals provided a customer journey map of what we knew, what we thought we knew, and what we don't know to help identify knowledge gaps.

To set the vision and share the story added a foundation to discover truths, while building foundation blocks for an actionable tool.


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Project Category:

  Financial Data


  MBFS, Farmington Hills, MI

Technology Used:

  Sketch Wireframe

Release Date:

  March 2017

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