Brand Expansion

Design Branding

Project Overview: Create product specific content that reflects broadly held assumptions about the millennials: their ability to self-start, their love for technology, and their desire to be in the know.

Problem/Challenge: The Daimler Financial Services group have traditional bound ideas that do not transfer well to millennial design expression or foster usage. A departure from the past required taking a brand representation risks. This meant breaking internal corporate rules on how context imagery is used with product.

Solution/Results: As with any conceptual design, the boundaries that bind has to be expanded to achieve design quality. Given the X factor for millennials description,  a seductive aspect became the salient communication, such that the nature of a product is succinctly and appealingly to everyone that represent the target audience.

With that in mind, sketch thumbnail provided potential interaction views that repersent a savvy, disruptive, and critical thinking for millennials that imagine technology as a focal point.

The personas for the design are educated, experienced, resourceful, and actively using these attributes to improve their own financial lives and maybe the lives of others.

This design was a push to explicitly acknowledge and articulate when it’s useful to use a preconception of the group combined with open ideation to make good design decisions.

A lot of assumptions was based on the use of interactive video where micro-moments decision making was defined as the next marketing evolution.

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Project Category:

  Daimler Financial Services


  MBFS, Farmington Hills, MI

Technology Used:

  Sketch Wireframe

Release Date:

  February 2017

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