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UX Design Consistency

Project Overview: Global product merchandizing requires an interconnection of brand relationships with a consistent look-and-feel. The Amway independent business owner operation model is global where each business operation has to pull customers through a unique funnel.

Problem/Challenge: Amway's UX community required an uniform approach to creating designs that were consistent with each other. The global UX integration lacked obvious design principles of organization; an overall widget inconsistency. The biggest obstacle was the variance in visual language that synthesizes the classic principles of good widget design behavior with the innovative ideation science.

Solution/Results: The creation of basic design principles was the soltion because it was easy for designers to interpret without confliction of use and it solved a lot of issues. Also, it provided metaphors that designers can understand in a single underlying system that provided an unified experience across platforms and device sizes. The notion of mobile-first with touch, voice, mouse, and keyboard the input methods was the primary focus.

For instance, the space confinememnts in mobile, highlights the importance to avoid user disorientation by limiting the navigation options to be contextual in screen layout.

By using a consistent widget layout, content across pages are shown to have a natural information flow. This has been demostrated many card/tile design in the industry today.

As we all know consumer behaviors shift, it was important to provide flexibilty in the user experience such that, bridging the gaps between all users while maintaining an unique brand experience.

With that said, this project was very large in scope and only a few example thumbnail views are shown here in the portfolio.


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  Amway UX Guidelines


  Amway Corp. Ada, MI

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Project Date:

  December 2016

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