Mercedes-Benz Daimler Financial Services 2020

Design Assumption

Project Overview: Conduct the year 2020 design research into financial capabilities and tools used for viewing mechanism.

Problem/Challenge: This was a visionary approach of how people might experience the auto financing in 2020. What was considered were the possible sociological and technical changes in the future, overlapped with today's technology capability.

Solution/Results: In the year 2020 the Internet-of-Things (IoT) evolution provides users with ubiquitous information device displays, open operating systems that share information through a Cloud SaaS (Software as a Solution) and dynamic shifts in information communication. In descriptive terms, mobile media is disruptive, engaging, interactive, controversial, and global.

The mobile presence is based on the previous four-year developments:

      • 2017 – Mobile media is the biggest medium
      • 2018 – Mobile agenda for security is introduced by U.S. Government
      • 2018 – Digital native assertion; individuals brought-up in the digital era
      • 2019 – Cyber security is essential

With all the technology and ideation advancement, the possibility of block-chain technology where financial ledgers are decentralized to lists of all transactions across a peer-to-peer network is the critical cornerstone. This technology provides financial institutions the ability to transfer value across the Internet without the need for a centralized service. The proliferation of technology provides financial institutions ways and methods to service customer solutions.

At the same time, the understanding of millennial behavior is defined where they tend to build wealth as a result of owning a small business, investments, or real estate; they turn to social networks for content, product reviews, opinions and referrals; and they look for opportunities to improve their financial health.


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Project Overview:

  Year 2020 Financial Services


  MBFS, Stuttgart, Germany

Technology Used:

  Adobe Illustrator Wireframe

Release Date

  November 2016

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