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Project Overview: Amway marketing executives initiated a decision to redesign the traditional vertical grid-map page layout. The objective was to meet standards that were comfortable for Amway user base, while incorporating features that kept pace with mobile evolution.

Problem/Challenge: The implementation of the Windows design metaphor provided the ability to extend the product life-cycle business formats in unique ways. However, market managers and business owner had to realized products listed in the traditional page layout had reached its useful life. Also, this design change challenged how merchandize grouping metrics were done for each global region.

Solution/Results: The Windows emergence was the precusor to designing from a mobile-first ideology. A lot of design-thinking went into the creation of regional collaboration product-level mindmaps, along with customer journey maps outlined each region priorities. The big take-away from these design exercises were Amway reseller users used their mobile devices in agile ways to purchase products. Also, product managers began to think outside their own comfort zone to begin the awareness about the "how-to" transition their merchandizing components.

For instance, blog-like information exchange on the specifics of products promoted broad sales oppotunities for IBO communities. This usage of content evolved into a broad market presence.

Overall the design achieved its objective of moving product management and exectutive staff in the right direction toward the future of mobile commerce.

Implementing a Windows/Metro user interface that featured square or rectangular tiles provided a visual card system. The use of cards allowed static contnet, as well as video content to present a more complete picture of product strategy added benefits for customer interaction.


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Project Category:

  Amway Web Development


  Amway Corp. Ada, MI

Technology Used

  Adobe Illustrator

Release Date:

  March 2014

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